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Safety Impact

All systems come with safety cut-off to allow firefighters to shutdown panels to Zero Volts1

Extra Power Estimator

The following was based on real data collected by four 280W panels under normal operating conditions, using the maximum power setup.

Data above is used for illustrative purposes only. Percentages and totals may change based on a number of environmental factors, including heat, sunlight and total shade on panels. As such actual results you may experience on your solar array may vary from the data presented here.

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Typically 1 optimiser is used per 2 panels. To maximise the output, 1 optimiser per panel is needed
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Domestic Kit - Presales
Domestic Kit - Presales

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Pre-sales are currently estimated between 3-6 months to deliver and install, resulting in delivery times between June - September 2019



    Domestic Kit - Presales

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    Technical Specifications:

    OS1000 Optimiser

    Parameters for OS1000 Optimiser

    Panel Voltage:10 - 100 VDC (typically 60VDC)
    Panel Current:0.05 - 20 note 1ADC (typically 8ADC)
    Output Voltage:0 - 100VDC (typically 40/80VDC)
    Output Current:-0.1ADC - 20 note 1ADC (typically 8ADC)
    Temperature:-20 - 85°C (typically 45°C)
    MPPT Time Constant:0.5 - 5 Seconds (typically 2 Seconds)
    MPPT Accuracy:0.5%
    MPPT Test Validaion Time:10 seconds
    Efficiency:upto 99.5% (typically > 99%)

    Other Parameters for OS1000 Optimiser

    Size without connectors:96.5mm x 62mm x 29.5mm (L,W,H)
    Size with connectors:96.5mm x 99.5mm x 29.5mm (L,W,H)
    Ingress Rating:IP68 with cables connected note 2
    Safety Rating:SIL2 note 2
    Electrical Safety Compliance:IEC 62109-1
    Communication Channels:2
    Communication Type:Power Line Modem
    Mounting methods:3.6mm Cable Tie, Plate (standard), 4Gx12mm screws

    Note 1: Installation location temperature may reduce Maximum Output Current of the panel due to Internal thermal limiting, standard mounting plate is recommended
    Note 2: Hardware and software designed to comply, approvals pending

    Maximum Operating Specifications for OS1000 Optimiser

    Maximum Power Transfer:1000 Watts
    Maximum System Voltage:600/1000/1500 VDC
    Maximum Current:22 Amps
    Maximum Panel Voltage:100VDC
    Maximum Output Voltage:100VDC
    Minimum Panel Voltage:10VDC
    Maximum Temperature:85°C
    Minimum Temperature:-20°C
    Internal thermal limiter:95°C
    Internal current limiter:20 Amps

    SCOM600 Communications & Safety Indicator Unit

    Parameters for SCOM600 Communications Unit

    Mains Voltage:90VAC - 265VAC (Typical 230VAC)
    Low Voltage DC:120VDC - 375VDC (Typical 200VDC)
    Extra Low Voltage DC:12VDC - 120VDC (Typical 48VDC)
    USBC Power:5VDC - 20VDC (Typical 5VDC)
    CAN/DeviceNet Power:4.8VDC - 5.2VDC (Typical 5VDC)
    CAN bit rate:10Kbps - 1Mbps (Typical 250Kbps)
    RS485 baud rate:300 - 1M Baud (Typical 19200 Baud)
    Power consumption:1-3 Watts

    Other Parameters for SCOM600 Communications & Safety Indicator Unit

    Weight:200 grams
    Size:71.8mm x 79.8mm x 67.2mm (L,W,H)
    Ingress Rating:IP20
    Safety Rating:SIL2 note 2
    Electrical Safety Compliance:IEC 62109-1
    Communication Types:Power Line Modem (2 channels), Ethernet, Wi-Fi
    USB, CAN Bus / DeviceNet, RS485
    Communication Channels:7
    Security:Ethernet/Internet/Wi-Fi data encrypted device to server
    Mounting methods:35mm (standard) DIN rail, takes four DIN rail slots
    Data storage:MicroSD card of any size, 64GB included by default
    Data logging:Logging saved to MicroSD card at one second intervals, and backed up to CQSola Cloud
    Event logging:Event logged to MicroSD card, backed up to the CQSola Cloud
    Safety indication:Flashing red and green lights
    Safety Lockout:E-Stop safety lockout when the Off Button is pressed.  All optimisers have an output voltage of zero1.  E-Stop is persistent and can only be removed by pressing the On Button.
    Diagnostic indication:Power, Heart-beat, Comms receive, Comms transmit

    Maximum Operating Specifications for SCOM600 Communications & Safety Indicator Unit 

    Maximum String Voltage:600VDC
    Maximum Supply Voltage:375VDC
    Maximum Temperature:75°C
    Minimum Temperature:-30°C
    Maximum OS1000 units:50 Device/s

    All specification and information are subject to change without notice and are given in good faith as at the date of publishishing. If any specification is critical to your design please contact CQSola to discuss as there may be specifications not listed here and ways to further assist you. For 1000VDC systems, please contact CQSola for more information.