Our Aim

We like to dream big. CQSola is aiming to revolutionse the solar industry, and make clean Solar Power a more appealing choice, reducing greenhouse emmissions acorss the planet. Every company promises good quailty, but we'd rather our products speak for themselves.


CQSola is new and fresh. But that doesn't mean  we lack experience. The products have had the hand of 35 years of Engineering skill to produce, with the experience extending from building Power Stations to robotics equipment alike. 

Our Products

We aim to make Solar Systems easier for everyone. From Domestic Units to Solar Farms. We've built the insutrial grade equipment that provides quailty and 

OS1000: Our optmiser unit used with both the SCOM600 and the SCOM1000. 

SCOM600: Domestic Communications unit and controller for OS1000 rated to a domestic 600V maximum system.

SCOM1000:Commerical Communications unit and controller for OS1000 rated to a commerical 1000V maximum system.

Web availability may vary for domesitic units, but commercial contracts area available on request.